ChromaClock: Color-Adaptive Weather Alarm

Introducing ChomaClock, an innovative analogue aesthetic alarm clock that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. The clock face, featuring a range of vibrant colors, dynamically changes based on the temperature throughout the day, providing you with a visual representation of the weather. The clock connects to wifi and displays a color gradient reflecting the transitioning temperatures throughout the day.

The clock also incorporates a small window that elegantly displays the day of the week. The clock’s transparent glass exterior adds a touch of modern elegance to any space, while the stainless steel base and knob provide a sleek and durable construction. The clock numbers feature a contemporary sans serif font, complementing the overall modern aesthetic. Embrace the perfect blend of functionality and style with ChomaClock. Wake up to the changing colors of the day, stay informed about the weather, and add a striking piece of design to your living space.