A genreless open format playlist of new music on Spotify selected by Toronto’s DJ Medley

Spotify Playlist: Forever Ever ♡♾️

“Forever Ever,” a playlist that transcends the boundaries of musical genres and has been my steady listening companion for the last few years. Within these sounds, I express my personal taste in music, curating songs that I can enjoy endlessly. While my days of DJing may have taken a backseat, my love for music remains as strong as ever, and this playlist is a testament to that passion.

“Forever Ever” is an ever-expanding canvas of over 50 hours of music, and it keeps growing regularly. It’s a reflection of my ongoing exploration and appreciation of diverse musical genres. Just as I used to curate music for my open format club nights, this playlist is my way of sharing my favourite new releases with you.

Here, you’ll find tracks that have peaked my interest, regardless of their genre. It’s a mix where hip hop, electronica, indie, and more coexist harmoniously. With each song carefully selected, “Forever Ever” creates a musical odyssey that mirrors my personal connection with music.

“Forever Ever” isn’t just a playlist; it’s a testament to my enduring love for music and my commitment to delivering a musical experience that stands the test of time. It’s a treasure trove of tunes where you can discover new sounds and revisit old favorites, all in one place.

So, whether you’re reminiscing about my club nights of the past or simply seeking an endless stream of good music, “Forever Ever” is here for you. Dive into this playlist, and let its tunes become the soundtrack to your life, just as they have been for mine.