Shordy - character design illustration depicting the Bangouts gang from ‘BANGOUTS: Blood on the Streets’, armed with a craving for mayhem in the gritty world of Raptor City.

The Bangouts


In a lawless abyss known as Raptor City, Greezy and his ragtag gang, the Bangouts, aim to defy the odds and break free from their violent confines. But when a deadly turf war erupts with the psychotic ‘Chop Chop Crew,’ led by the malevolent Soobax, survival becomes their only goal. As chaos reigns and blood flows freely, the Bangouts must unite against their merciless foes, forging an unlikely bond in a battle for freedom and redemption in ‘BANGOUTS: Blood in the Streets.’


In the festering pit of depravity that is our forsaken city, there’s a gang that strikes fear into even the most hardened sons of bitches. Led by the one known as Greezy, the Bangouts are a ruthless crew armed to the teeth with their craving for mayhem. Second in command is Murkie, the womanizer, the only thing he likes more than breaking hearts is stopping them. Shordy, the youngest in the gang, she doesn’t care about much in life but her loud and her snacks. Cuzzo is Greezy’s cousin and is always ready to do whatever it takes to protect the family, sometimes a little too down.

And then there’s Duppie… tbh we don’t know much about Duppie, unsure if he’s truly alive or dead. But he’s chill tho, once you get used to his smell that is, he’s the walking epitome of silent, but violent.

These outcasts may not always see eye to eye, but they share one common goal: to break free from the confines of the city’s walls and find a semblance of normalcy… despite never haven known what normal is or being self-aware enough to know they’re anything but normal.

This ain’t some fairy tale for children; this is a symphony of violence. The Bangouts don’t give a rat’s ass about consequences. Cross them and they’ll paint the streets red with your blood.

So when shit hits the fan and the Bangouts find themselves entangled in a turf war with the biggest gang in the city, the certifiably mental ‘Chop Chop Crew’, they’re in for the fight of their lives and need to learn how to work together, fast. Led by the sinister Soobax, an evil mastermind whose cruelty knows no bounds. His right-hand man, Deez, a brute of unparalleled strength, and the crazy general, Big Mod, whose madness fuels the chaos. Y-pree, the chief and skilled martial artist, strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest. Vex, the cunning sergeant, always one step ahead in the game of death. And the henchmen, known as the Cronem, the faceless minions who carry out their master’s bidding without question.

But hey, that’s just another run-of-the-mill day in our cesspool of a city, ain’t it? When the bullets start flying and the bodies start piling up, you can bet your sweet ass the Bangouts will be right in the middle of it, laughing their asses off as they bash skulls and spill blood like it’s an art form.

So twist one up and get comfy, cause you’re about to witness the most violent and insane showdown this city has ever seen. This is “BANGOUTS: Blood in the Streets” – where the only thing more fucked up than the city is the bastards trying to run it.

Welcome to Raptor City, the former fallen city of Toronto that’s been walled-off, and abandoned by the long arm of the law. All that remains is the rule of the jungle. In a world where survival is a game for the ruthless and the weak are nothing but prey, the Bangouts stand as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Outnumbered, outgunned, but not out-hearted, nor out-violenced, they’ll fight tooth and nail to carve out their place in this forsaken hellhole.

Bangouts - The “Good” Guys:

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