For more than a decade, I had the privilege of being part of Toronto’s vibrant DJ scene, where I had the opportunity to perform at some of the city’s most celebrated parties. During this time, I worked diligently to earn the respect of my peers, always striving to deliver unforgettable musical experiences. However, in 2012, I made a conscious decision to redirect my artistic approach and refocus my energies.

Since then, I have dedicated myself wholeheartedly to enhancing my piano skills, delving into the intricacies of music production and theory, and seamlessly integrating my multimedia design career with my passion for music.

Over the years, I have continued to refine my skills, consistently pushing the boundaries of my artistic expression. In fact, you may have come across my music production and beat-making skills showcased in the background of my 3D animations. I have meticulously crafted each sound, ensuring a seamless blend of rhythm and melody to complement the visuals.

Currently, I am nearing completion of an exciting endeavor—an upcoming full-length album. This project, which combines elements of various genres such as hip-hop, electronica, jersey club, rnb, and indie, represents a true labor of love. While I am yet to reveal the project’s name and the moniker under which it will be released, I encourage you to follow my social media accounts for timely updates and further details.

I am genuinely grateful for the support and encouragement I have received throughout my artistic journey. It is the dedication of my fans and the wider music community that motivates me to continue pushing my boundaries, always seeking new ways to captivate audiences and evoke emotions through my music.

MedleyLooking For You

MedleyYou Can Do Better

MedleyYou Make Me

MedleyAll Day, All Night

MedleyDubplate Style

MedleyWhen You Feel It