Music Production

In 2012, after being a prominent figure in Toronto's DJ culture for 12 years, I stepped away from the DJ world. It was hard, it was my biggest passion, and everything was going great. Too great. I was playing the biggest parties, my remixes were all over the Internet, and I had gained the respect of my peers. But at the height of my success, I felt I needed to change what I was doing, and how I was doing it. So I took some time away, became less of a performer, worked at becoming more of an artist, got better at playing piano, studied music production and music theory, and worked away at finding a way to integrate my multimedia design career with my music career. I blink, it's almost 10 years later, musically at least, my visual career took over there for bit, but I haven't stopped working on this goal all along the way. Now thanks to NFTs, I feel the missing piece to my artist puzzle has just been put into place. And it is time to combine my worlds. Below are some samples of some music production progression over the past few years. You can also hear a lot of my beat making progression in my 3D animations. The final touches are being put on a new project, a full-length album with influences from hip hop, electronica, house, jersey club music, moombahton, trap, drill, and indie dance, all the types of sounds you heard me DJ over the years. Mixed with my very own 3D animations. It will soon be available in NFT format and streaming on all the usuals. The name of the project is not yet released, but details will be coming soon to my socials. Follow and stay tuned.

If you’d like to hear an archive of some of the remixes, mashups and mixtapes I released as “DJ Medley” from 2007-2014 – click here. The page may take a minute or two to load.

Looking For You
Medley Looking For You

You Can Do Better
Medley You Can Do Better

You Make Me
Medley You Make Me

All Day, All Night
Medley All Day, All Night

Dubplate Style
Medley Dubplate Style

When You Feel It
Medley When You Feel It

Medley Enlightenment-era