Film photography, digital photography, and photo manipulation portfolio.

“Split Aura” delves into the realm of reflections, presenting photographs that showcase a woman’s face adorned with fluorescent orange and amber hues. Enhanced through split toning and double exposure techniques, experience the captivating interplay of mirrored reflections and dreamlike aesthetics, as an otherworldly aur

“Reflections in Layers,” a photo series of layered translucency, abstracted realities, and serene faces. Within polished surfaces, viewers are drawn to a realm where boundaries blur, inviting exploration and introspection—an alluring experience of self-reflection and contemplation.

“Shadows & Clay” is a photography series that intricately captures the details and textures of handcrafted pottery. Through the interplay of light and shadow, the images reveal the contours and nuances of each vessel. From delicate curves to rich textures, this series showcases the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and ill

Witness the rawness of straight railroad tracks cutting through the landscape, embodying the rugged allure of the railway. These tracks, stretching into the distance, depict the unyielding presence of the iron road with unwavering resolve. Experience the striking imagery as the tracks cut through the land, leaving an indelible mark on the

RURAL ENCOUNTERS WITH BLACK DOGS Amidst the hushed expanse of rural landscapes, silent pastures bear witness to enigmatic encounters with black dogs. In the quietude of these realms, a mystic bond forms between canines and their surroundings.