Film photography, digital photography, and photo manipulation portfolio.

Amidst the iconic backdrop of Toronto City Hall, enter the mesmerizing realm of Daniel Arsham’s exhibit at Nuit Blanche. The Lunar Garden, an immersive installation inspired by a Japanese Zen garden, awaits your exploration. With its reimagined architecture, meticulously raked sand, and captivating sculptures, this exhibition invite

“Toronto: Keep it Beautiful” delves into the captivating darkness that shrouds the city, unveiling its unfiltered essence. Through an editorial lens, this evocative series exposes haunting scenes of memorials marking lives lost and walls adorned with menacing vines. Abandoned pay phones, now covered in graffiti, stand as relic

“Montreal: The City of Saints” reveals a different facet of this vibrant city,  embracing its quirkiness and celebrating the beauty of individuality. From the whimsical characters that populate the streets to the peculiar scenes that unfold, this series encapsulates the playful spirit of Montreal, encouraging us to step i

In the heart of the prestigious district of Ginza, Tokyo, a gentle spirit weaves his artistry amidst a world of high-end fashion and materialism. Unfazed by the surrounding glamour, he pours his heart into immortalizing his prized doll, cherishing each shot with meticulous care. The irony lies in this contrast—a world consumed by appear

Shibuya after dark, where the city reveals its hidden allure. This photo series captures the enigmatic spirit that emerges when the sun sets and the neon lights flicker to life. Amidst the ebb and flow of the nocturnal rhythm, you’ll witness a tapestry of intriguing characters and offbeat moments. From the bold bride’s impromp

A photo series showcasing the serene beauty of Lake Ontario during the winter season. Featuring tranquil landscapes where the neutral density filter evokes a sense of calm, creating a velvety smoothness on the water’s surface. Against the backdrop of the icy expanse, warm purple and pink hues provide a stunning contrast. Amidst this

Unveiling Italy’s Invisible Palette: A mesmerizing photo series capturing the hidden hues of Rome and Florence, as the streets and houses come alive with ethereal shifts of otherworldly tones, created by the magical lens of Infrared film.